Persuasive Speech

Hi, here I back again.

Well, actually I’m here because of an assignment regarding the listening class. I will provide a brief summary of what I listen about persuasive speech. The speech is from a video I found on a Video Publisher Dailymotion.

Here is the video!

The video is talking about the benefits of Yoga as one of ways in relieving stress, managing stress. There are three benefits of yoga show in this video which are physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

The physical one consists of:

  1. Yoga helps your muscles.
  2. Yoga helps reduce and alleviate chronic conditions or sicknesses.
  3. Yoga helps your body heal itself through breath.

The mental consists of:

  1. Yoga benefits your stress mind by allowing it the chance to take a break from thinking about stressful things.
  2. Yoga brings you back to now. It forces you to be in the moment, thinking about how best to improve your pose or how to breathe more fully and steadily.

The emotional consists of:

  1. Yoga lets you take rest from your emotions. Yoga takes your attention away from your emotions and it’s really healthy to give yourself some space just to be in the moment.
  2. According to the Mayo Clinic yoga can also help lessen anxiety and depression.
  3. No matter your mental emotional health, yoga helps you learn more about yourself which helps you feel capable, competent and confident.

to sum up yoga oxygenates your body, tones and works the tension out of your muscles, improves your overall health, brings your mind to the present, allows you a mini vacation from your problems, helps you learn to focus, helps you take a break from difficult emotions, and helps alleviate depression and anxiety. You should definitely practice yoga to relieve your stress. Yoga is a relatively easy and practical way for college students to deal with their stress. So now, it’s up to you. You want to go try out the yoga mat?

Points to learn:

  • The specific purpose is to persuade or convince the listener to use yoga as the healthy way to reduce stress
  • The central idea talks about the benefits of yoga in healing the stress
  • Three main points showed there, the physical, mental, and emotional benefits. (supporting points are following the main points as I have mentioned)
  • Language functions used are, persuade, summarizing, expressing likes, illustrating, asking question, and sequencing through listing

Well, I think that’s all I can give you all the readers. Kindly informed me your feedback. Thank You. (: